Bolts and nuts India

Bolts and nuts India

Bolts and Nuts India

Any construction is incomplete without fasteners. Fasteners are the support system required for construction of anything from docks to bridges to metros, oil fields and buildings, and also industries like oil, gas and petrochemical to name a few. There are several types of bolts and nuts to match them for example there are stud bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts, u bolts and dowel bolts to name a few. All these nuts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.

Global Leader in Fasteners

Corrosion is constantly eating away company profits and to fight this we provide corrosion resistant materials. We at Faco Fasteners, make it our job to fight corrosion and manufacture several corrosion resistant products like stud bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts, u bolts and dowel bolts etc. using materials like duplex that offer higher strength and durability.
At Faco Fasteners we offer a wide array of corrosion resistant materials like Carbon steel, Mild steel or Alloy Steel, Ferritic & Austenitic Stainless Steel. We follow the different standards and specifications like ASTM / ASME / BS / DIN / BS EN ISO for the manufacture of our stainless steel nuts and bolts. While the different types of threads follow UNC, 8UN, UNF, Metric Coarse & Fine Series. We offer a wide variety of surface finish types like Self Colour, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Di-Chromated, P.T.F.E. Coated.

Benefits of choosing Faco Fasteners

Our motto at Faco Fasteners is to provide quality products that meet world class standards. To help facilitate the growth of booming India we are well stocked with all standard specifications of all types of fasteners, we also provide customized fasteners in terms of diameter and length, material used and surface finishes to meet client requirements. We also offer structural plate and steel fabrication.