Super Duplex Germany

Super Duplex Germany Super Duplex is a high-alloy of duplex. Most grades of Super Duplex contain 25% or more along with other elements like molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen but different grades can also have tungsten and copper in trace amounts. They have a PREn greater than or equal to 40 and have excellent mechanical properties,

FF Fasteners

FF Fasteners Fasteners are the lifeline of any project, the use of a wrong fastener can cause severe damage to the project or structure. Using the right fastener in the right material will ensure durability and extend lifespan of the structure. Materials like stainless steel have corrosion resisting properties and have become the preferred choice

SS Nuts India

SS Nuts India Stainless steel is a preferred choice of material in nuts and bolts because of its corrosion resistant properties. Stainless steel nuts are used everywhere, you see them in buildings, high ways, docks, ships, oil rigs to high and low temperature and pressure applications, to boiler and pressure vessels. Global leaders in fasteners

Duplex Germany

Duplex Germany First cast in Sweden in 1930, duplex material is still one of the preferred choice of material when it comes to fasteners. A chemical composite of almost equal parts of Austenite and Ferrite and hence it is conferred the name duplex. There are several grades of material that are being announced at regular

SS Stud Bolt Germany

SS Stud Bolt Germany SS stud bolts are essential for joining pipeline flanges essential for pipelines. These headless continuously threaded nuts with two hexagonal nuts offer an advantage over the hex bolts as they can be tightened by both ends by holding one end with a nut. These stainless steel stud bolts come in varied