Stainless Steel Nut

Stainless Steel Nut The stainless steel nuts are designed in several ways keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. The availability of the varying sizes is definitely an added benefit as it becomes easy to match the customer’s need. Different kinds of industry standards like JIS, ISO, BS etc are followed so that the

Monel India

Monel India Monels are the alloys which are made of nickel and also contain some percentage of copper in it. There are lots of properties which make monel popular and useful for different applications. These are low coefficient, high corrosion, high strength and top notch ductility. The monel is categorized into different classes based on

Inconel India

Inconel India Inconel is a type of fastener that is made using nickel and chromium. It is special alloy and finds utility in many areas and industries like food processing, chemical processing, aerospace etc. While manufacturing this alloy, a thick layer of oxide gets developed due to which it becomes ideal to bear the high

Hex Nut Manufacturing India

Hex Nut Manufacturing India Hex nut as the word indicates has six sides and is completely threaded from inside to provide the right fitting. Usually, the purpose is to fit in small objects and is very commonly used in areas where machines are used. The hex nuts are of several kinds including the stainless steel

Fasteners India

Fasteners India The fastener is one of the most commonly used hardware device through which you can easily join two objects. There is a huge variety when it comes to the fasteners and each of them serves a different purpose. No matter what kind of fastener you are looking for, one can easily find them

Duplex India

Duplex India Just like you have the super duplex fasteners, in the same way, you have the simple duplex ones as well. These come in two types, half threaded and full threaded so as per the requirements of the clients, the same is provided to them. If any client is looking for a customized grade,

FF Fasteners

FF Fasteners Fasteners are the lifeline of any project, the use of a wrong fastener can cause severe damage to the project or structure. Using the right fastener in the right material will ensure durability and extend lifespan of the structure. Materials like stainless steel have corrosion resisting properties and have become the preferred choice


FF A corroded or faulty fastener can not only cause damage to structure but also cause harm to life of people working in those structures. Fasteners can be found everywhere from bridges, docks, highways to docks, oil rigs, and high and low temperature pressure applications, boilers and pressure vessels to name just a few. With

SS Nuts India

SS Nuts India Stainless steel is a preferred choice of material in nuts and bolts because of its corrosion resistant properties. Stainless steel nuts are used everywhere, you see them in buildings, high ways, docks, ships, oil rigs to high and low temperature and pressure applications, to boiler and pressure vessels. Global leaders in fasteners

Stainless Hex Bolt India

Stainless Hex Bolts India Corrosion is one the major reason for damage to any structure. Stainless steel hex bolts resist corrosion and are ideal for outdoor use. A preferred product for repair and construction work Hex bolt is made up of a hexagonal head that are partially or fully threaded with a hexagonal screw. Stainless