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Stainless Hex Bolt India

Stainless Hex Bolts India Corrosion is one the major reason for damage to any structure. Stainless steel hex bolts resist corrosion and are ideal for outdoor use. A preferred product for repair and construction work Hex bolt is made up of a hexagonal head that are partially or fully threaded with a hexagonal screw. Stainless

SS Hex Bolt India

SS Hex Bolt India SS Hex bolts are commonly used industry standard fastener. These bolts are six sided or hexagonal with a forged head. The nuts used along with them are also hex shape. The ease and speed of application of these bolts ensure that they are used for construction and repair work of bridge,

Hex Nut Manufacturing India

Hex Nut Manufacturing India Hex nuts and hex bolts are an integral part of construction and repair owing to their strength and durability. The hex comes with an internal thread that works on a machine thread bolt and screw. A standard hex nut is hexagonal or six sided. Hex screws and nuts are pertinent in

Hex Bolt Manufacturing India

Hex Bolt Manufacturing India Hex bolts, a common choice in construction and repair, is made of two parts a six sided or hexagonal head with partial or full thread for use with a nut. Hex bolts structure enables higher strength and pressure bearing ability making it ideal for fastening wood, metal, and other construction projects

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts India

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts India A hex nut is a hexagonal fastener with internal threads that is commonly used in the Construction and repair of bridges, docks, high ways and other building structures. With corrosion causing maximum damage to structures industries are looking for non-corrosive options like stainless steel. Stainless steel hex nuts are ideal

SS Hex Nuts India

SS Hex Nuts India To fight the loss caused by corrosion, industries are investing heavily on corrosion resistant fasteners and other materials. SS hex nut is one such product. These hex nuts are used predominantly to improve life of existing structure and in case of new structures ensure that durability and longevity. Hex nuts and