Dowel Bar India

Dowel Bar India

Dowel Bar India

Dowel bars are made of metals usually steel and employed in connecting two slabs. The main purpose of using such bars is to enhance the transfer load efficiency. Owing to this feature only, the dowel bars are so popular in the commercial areas. The bars are coated with epoxy as it develops rust easily thus reducing its life. The Dowel Bar India is available in different dimensions but on an average, these are 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter and 18 inches long. Mostly these bars are used in concrete pavements as durability is one of their biggest attributes.

It is divided into various types depending on the material used to manufacture them.

  •    Solid stainless steel dowel bars
  •    Epoxy coated dowel bars
  •    Zinc-clad bars
  •    Chromium steel bars
  •    Uncoated steel bars

Why buy dowel bars from India?

If you are really looking for top quality dowel bars, India is the best destination. It is because there are many reputed companies that manufacture a variety of dowel bars thus you can place the order as per your requirements. You can explore some of the top names that deal with every kind of fastener.

Why buy dowel bars from Faco Fastener?

Faco Fastener is one of the trusted names when it comes to purchasing the dowel bar and pins. Their products are not only quality based but affordable enough to suit your budget. They comply with the industry standards and make sure that the client is satisfied. In case you are looking for special kinds of fasteners, you can get them designed as per your need. They have a team of professionals who are an expert in this area and come with excellent and fully tested fasteners.

So as there are different types of dowel bars, the companies can easily opt for the one which is best suited and accomplishes the requirements.