A corroded or faulty fastener can not only cause damage to structure but also cause harm to life of people working in those structures. Fasteners can be found everywhere from bridges, docks, highways to docks, oil rigs, and high and low temperature pressure applications, boilers and pressure vessels to name just a few. With such high utility it is apposite that the right type and material of fastener is used. Fasteners in materials like stainless steel that is corrosion resistant material and a preferred choice when it comes to building material. Whether for repair or construction the right fastener extends the life of any structure and provides stability and durability too.

World Leader in Fasteners

We at Faco Fasteners are specialized in the field of fastener and help clients solve problem with our fasteners. We offer a wide array of fasteners depending on client needs. We have provided a client a fastener system capable of not coming apart during deep mining operation. For the construction industry, we offer fastening solution like concrete and masonry expansion anchors perfect for fastening electrical and mechanical systems, piping, machinery, light fixtures, steam and waste lines, cable trays, support racks, guard rails, storage racks, and many more applications. If you are in oil and gas industry and deep sea rig applications, we have fasteners with a TEFLON, Xylan coating. All our products are manufactured using standards and techniques like ASTM / ASME / BS / DIN / BS EN ISO for the manufacture of our stainless steel nuts and bolts.

Benefits of choosing Faco Fasteners

Faco Fasteners is just not another distributor, we offer the unmatched quality fasteners at the best price and record time. We understand your needs and help you choose the right fastener to match your requirements. To ensure best quality, we pass all our products through several reliable tests and QCs.

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