Stud Bolt India

Stud Bolt India

Stud bolts is a headless continuous threaded rods that require two hexagon nuts; these are ideal for flange bolting that are used for joining pipelines. These bolts come in varied sizes ranging from 6 mm to 100 mm in diameter. Since it can be tightened from both ends these bolts are preferred over hex bolts.

Sizes and Types offered at Stud Bolts India

Type 1: This is a very generic type of stud bolt that are used for general purpose. The threads are UNRC-2A and the length (in inches) of this type is measured from end to end.
Type 2: This type is used primarily for temperature-pressure piping. The length (in inches) here, is equal to the effective thread length, measured from first thread to the first thread without the chamfers. These are made to the dimensional standard requirements of ANS B16.5 and have a length measurement requirement. Threads are UNRC-2A for all sizes 1 inch and under and 8UNR-2A for all sizes over 1 inch.
Engineering stud bolts: In this type both end threaded bolt with unthreaded portion in the centre. This can be further differentiated in two types:
Tap-ended studs – These have a short thread on one end, called the tap end that is threaded to a Class NC5 or Class UNRC-3A fit and is used for screwing into a tapped hole. The other or nut end is threaded with a Class UNRC-2A fit. The length of these studs and measured overall and the tap end has a chamfered point, but the nut end may have either a chamfered or round point, at the manufacturer’s option.
Double-end studs – Theses have equal-length threads on each end to accommodate a nut and are threaded to a Class 2A fit. The length here too is measured overall but both the ends have chamfered points, but round points may be furnished on either or both ends at the manufacturer’s option. Double-end studs are used for flange bolting or other applications where torching from both ends is necessary or desirable.

Benefits of buying from Stud Bolts India

Our Stud Bolts are mainly stocked in standard sizes but can be customized to meet customer requirements. Tap-end and Double-end are made to order and not stocked. All the products are inspected by reliable tests and meet quality standards.