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Dowel Bar India

Dowel Bar India Dowel bars are made of metals usually steel and employed in connecting two slabs. The main purpose of using such bars is to enhance the transfer load efficiency. Owing to this feature only, the dowel bars are so popular in the commercial areas. The bars are coated with epoxy as it develops

Dowel Bars India

Dowel Bars India A Dowel Bar is a strong round and hollow bar, typically made of metal. In its unique fabricated structure dowel poles are frequently stopped into lengths utilized in various, different applications including cements to exactly adjust two items in a dowel joint where a gap is drilled in both articles and the

Dowel Bar India

Dowel Bars India A Dowel Bar is a solid, smooth cylindrical rod, usually made of metal. Dowel rods are usually cut into shorter length bars and are used in a number of diverse applications. They serve as load transfer bars across concrete joints. One of the common application includes providing a mechanical connection between concrete