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Duplex Germany

Duplex Germany First cast in Sweden in 1930, duplex material is still one of the preferred choice of material when it comes to fasteners. A chemical composite of almost equal parts of Austenite and Ferrite and hence it is conferred the name duplex. There are several grades of material that are being announced at regular

Duplex Stud Bolt Italy

Duplex Stud Bolt Italy First made at Avesta, Sweden in 1930s, Duplex grade stud bolts are a common sight today. Duplex grades are a mixed microstructure of almost equal parts Austenite and Ferrite, creating a combination of both their properties; hence the name DUPLEX. Duplex stainless steels provide high corrosion resistance coupled with high strength,

Duplex India

Duplex India Corrosion is one of the biggest reason of loss of millions of dollars across industries. At Faco Fasteners we make it our goal to fight corrosion and provide high corrosion resistant fasteners. Duplex is one such material; first cast in 1930, it is a commonly used product today. It is a chemical composite