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Grade 660 India

Grade 660 India The Grade 660 bolts are usually employed in special engineering applications and subdivided into four classes A, B, C and D. Every class is different from the other in terms of the features, hardening treatment, utility etc. Even the stress rupture requirements vary and hence it entirely depends on the need as

Fasteners India

Fasteners India The fastener is one of the most commonly used hardware device through which you can easily join two objects. There is a huge variety when it comes to the fasteners and each of them serves a different purpose. No matter what kind of fastener you are looking for, one can easily find them

FF Fasteners

FF Fasteners Fasteners are the lifeline of any project, the use of a wrong fastener can cause severe damage to the project or structure. Using the right fastener in the right material will ensure durability and extend lifespan of the structure. Materials like stainless steel have corrosion resisting properties and have become the preferred choice


FF A corroded or faulty fastener can not only cause damage to structure but also cause harm to life of people working in those structures. Fasteners can be found everywhere from bridges, docks, highways to docks, oil rigs, and high and low temperature pressure applications, boilers and pressure vessels to name just a few. With

Fasteners India

Fasteners India The loss caused by corrosion runs into several millions of dollars. Metal and salt water is a combination that has corrosion written all over it. There are several materials that are being used to fight corrosion and increase the life of structures like stainless steel. Stainless steel Nuts are used everywhere from high