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Stainless Hex Bolt India

Stainless Hex Bolts India Corrosion is one the major reason for damage to any structure. Stainless steel hex bolts resist corrosion and are ideal for outdoor use. A preferred product for repair and construction work Hex bolt is made up of a hexagonal head that are partially or fully threaded with a hexagonal screw. Stainless

SS Hex Bolt India

SS Hex Bolt India SS Hex bolts are commonly used industry standard fastener. These bolts are six sided or hexagonal with a forged head. The nuts used along with them are also hex shape. The ease and speed of application of these bolts ensure that they are used for construction and repair work of bridge,

Hex Bolt India

Hex Bolt India Hex bolts is a bolt that has hexagonal or six sided forged head with a partially or fully threaded bolt. Hex bolts are primarily used for fastening wood, metal, and other construction or repair materials for projects like bridges, highways and other structures. The dimension of Heavy Hex across flat is more